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National Forklift Safety Day is an annual event highlighting the importance of forklift safety in the workplace across the globe. Forklifts, being powerful and versatile tools,  and indispensable for various industries. At New Tec, we understand the critical role of forklifts and are committed to highlighting the significance of this dedicated day for safety awareness.

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Protect your people, equipment, and materials with hands-on training.


One-on-one training that provides solutions to the operators.



All candidates that complete the program will obtain certification for completion of the course.

Comprehensive Training Solutions

New Tec, Inc’s in-depth training program has helped employers protect their people, equipment, and materials since 2004. Studies have shown that effective operator training can help improve your bottom line. If you are looking to reduce accidents, equipment downtime, and product damage, and increase worker productivity along with increasing customer satisfaction, our training is for you.

New Tec, Inc.’s material handling and aerial equipment training can help you comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.  All operators of industrial lift trucks and aerial equipment need to be trained.  Our services can be provided on-site to add additional convenience to your team.

Training Details:  What to expect in Material Handling & Aerial Training programs

- Classroom setting with hands-on training methods
- Interactive discussions
- Video and Presentations
- Instructor-led demonstrations
- Written and performance tests
- Certificates of completion
- Wallet-sized safety reminder cards


1. Reduce Accidents: Forklifts are powerful tools but can pose significant risks. National Forklift Safety Day is an opportunity to emphasize the importance of proper training, supervision, and adherence to safety guidelines to minimize accidents.

2.Enhance Training Programs: Ensure that all operators are well-trained, certified, and regularly updated on safety protocols.

3. Equipment Maintenance: Proper maintenance is crucial for the safe operation of forklifts. Use this occasion to reinforce the importance of routine inspections and servicing to prevent breakdowns and accidents.

4. Create a Safety Culture: A strong safety culture starts with awareness. Encourage open communication about safety concerns, and empower employees to take an active role in promoting a safe work environment.

5. Stay Compliant: Regulations and standards are in place for a reason. Use National Forklift Safety Day to review and reinforce compliance with OSHA and other relevant safety guidelines.

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