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For over 100 years, Advance has been a leading supplier of innovative commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. Advance provides unmatched quality and commitment to service while building a reputation as the partner you can trust.



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Advance, part of the Nilfisk Group, is a leading global provider of commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment. New offers a full line of innovative floor cleaning machines and delivers unmatched quality and service to improve floor cleaning operations for in-house cleaners, contractors, and facility managers.
Nilfisk - Walk-Behind Scrubber SC250


The battery-powered Nilfisk SC250 walk-behind micro scrubber delivers fast and effective single-pass hard floor cleaning and drying for small spaces. This compact floor-cleaning machine was designed for easy maneuverability in tight corners and around furniture, and the 36V lithium battery provides up to 40 minutes of run time on a single charge.

Example Applications: Schools | Hotels | Retail Stores | Restaurants | Healthcare Facilities




Superior Productivity for Hard and Soft Floors The Terra® 28B walk-behind floor sweeper leaves wide-area vacuums in the dust. With its 28” sweep path and specially designed main broom, you can clean up to 20,000 sq. ft. of carpet per hour (versus 8,000 sq. ft. per hour for a 28” vacuum).

SW8000 65 LPG CAB

Rider Sweepers

A Higher Sweeping Standard
The SW8000™ is the most innovative ride-on sweeper on the market. With an incredible 77” sweep path and the industry’s most advanced dust control, you’ll deliver complete cleaning for a wide variety of surfaces in parking lots, warehouses, factories, and more.








Rider Floor Scrubbers

Industrial Grade Cleaning Productivity The SC6000™ is a next-generation ride-on scrubber with the size, speed, and innovative technology to clean large areas at a low Total Cost of Ownership — making it a preferred choice at production sites, warehouses, supermarkets, airports, and more.


Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Next Generation Small Area Scrubbing The SC351™ battery-powered micro scrubber is an innovative, compact floor scrubber ideally suited for daily cleaning in small areas, crowded places, between and behind tables, shelves, and furniture, and in other hard-to-clean areas.


Terra 4300B


Rider Sweepers

The Terra® 4300B rider floor sweeper is a compact, high-performance solution that can clean up to 60,720 sq. ft. per hour, making it an ideal machine for use indoors and out, and on a variety of surfaces — including hard floors, low nap carpets and sidewalks.


SC5000 32C

Faster, smarter, easier floorcare

A compact, highly maneuverable scrubber that combines intuitive operation, exemplary performance, and leading resource-efficient technologies into a single package, the SC5000 allows operators to clean in spaces both large and small without disrupting business.

Its easy controls, adaptability, and robust, durable construction make it ideal for floorcare applications in environments ranging from warehouses and grocery stores to light- or heavy-industrial environments.

  • Best-in-class turning radius in a profile narrow enough for any corner or aisle
  • SmartFlowTM adjusts detergent and water pressure according to speed
  • Sealed cylindrical brush protects moving parts for up to 4x greater lifespan
  • SmartKey and SupervisorKey settings for user- and environment-specific performance customization
  • Maximum operator safety and productivity with clear sightlines and full functionality control via steering wheel


Walk-Behind Floor Scubbers

Simple operation, flexible performance Advance’s rugged, low-maintenance SC750™  scrubbers deliver incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI. The optional EcoFlex™ System offers the flexibility to clean across the entire cleaning spectrum from green to clean. At the touch of a button one can switch from chemical free cleaning to using an ultra low dilution ratio, and of course detergent can be used at full strength for the toughest of soils. The burst of power feature lets you easily apply more pressure, more solution and more detergent at the touch of a single button. With the flexibility to easily apply the right scrubbing performance for the job, you’ll use less detergent, minimize water use and save on cleaning costs.




The Viper AS5160 is a highly productive walk-behind scrubber dryer with high battery endurance and tank capacity to clean for hours. Being easy and comfortable to use with their ergonomic design, these robust machines are ready for an in-depth performance on indoor surfaces.


The AS710R/AS850R is medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryers and the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-traffic areas.

Ideally suited for daily indoor cleaning in
mid-sized areas of railway stations, parking areas, shopping malls, exhibition centers, schools, hotels, public institutions and other commercial environments larger than 5000m².
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Advance Industrial Sweeper -AS710R-grocery store








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